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Relational Awareness is about feel-sensing yourself and listening to and relating with others. I work with groups and individuals. Check out these Free Resources, or read further. (Various arty and research projects I’ve done are also mixed in this site.)


One-on-One Support

This work is to foster resilience, healing + learning. Some people are looking to do some significant life work, while other people just want some extra daily life support.

In a lot of ways this work is therapeutic – that is, many people tend to find emotional regulation, mental ease, get some sense of deep, calm-vitality, make slow behavioral shifts. Some people see me about stress-anxiety-overwhelm, sexuality difficulties, or working through family/generational difficulties. All that said, this is different than talk therapy – I am not a talk therapist.

This work is more experiential. I guide you through mindful practices. For example, we might use breath, movement, body scan, or mental-visualizing work. We talk to find what sorts of practices might work for you, exactly where you are. Usually we end a session by talking a bit, to help integrate your experience.

Along with exploring oneself, there is a big focus here on relating with other humans, other nature. Consider a plant in a forest, effected by soil + insect friends, sunlight ratio and wind. This work focuses on you and considers how you are relating with the world around you – ecosystems, systemic-social structures, personal-layer oppression dynamics, like being oppressed and acting out oppressive behaviors on others. A lot of times this is called healing justice. Whichever words it is called by, I understand it as fostering vital, respectful relations.

Sometimes people want to work on systemic topics like unraveling misogyny/patriarchy from their lives. Sometimes people want to learn more about how to feel, listen, understand consent, or other communication-emotional skills. If you are looking to do anti-racism work specifically, +/or want to work with a practitioner with a different personal life experience than me, I am glad to suggest other friends and colleagues. Learn more.

If you feel ready to fill out an Interest Form + Fee Info, I’ll get back to you soon.


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