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Relational Awareness is about working with your bodily sensations, movements, noticing how they relate with your emotions and thinking. We work within you and we foster listening to others around you; we pay attention to how you feel in relation to the people, social systems, plants, animals + organisms in your life. I work with groups and individuals. This is mindful and body-based work. Check out these Free Resources, or read further.


One-on-One Support
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This work is to foster resilience, healing +/or learning. Some people are looking to do some significant life work, while other people just want some extra daily life support. Like people need water and food, I understand that support is just plain ol’ good for people – and for various reasons one might not have access to enough/the kind of support they need.

In a lot of ways this work is therapeutic – that is, many people tend to find emotional regulation, mental ease, get some sense of deep, calm-vitality/alive feeling, make slow behavioral shifts. A lot of people see me about stress-anxiety-overwhelm, sexuality difficulties, feeling “stuck”, depression. All that said, this is different than talk therapy – I am not a talk therapist.

This work is more experiential. I guide you through mindful and/or body-based practices. For example, we might use breath, movement, body scan, or mental-visualizing work. We talk to find what sorts of practices work for you, exactly where you are.

Often we work with difficult “stuff”, hard topics, intense feeling. In doing so, I aim to simultaneously foster pleasure, humor, play, rest. As we do these “doing” practices, they are regularly accompanied by talking, to help integrate-in your experience.

Along with exploring oneself, there is a big focus here on relating with other humans, other nature. This work focuses on you and considers how you are in relation with – affecting and affected by – your ecosystems, the systemic-social structures of your life.

Some people want to foster their communication skills, learn more about how to feel, listen, understand consent, foster “emotional intelligence”.  Some people who see me are interested in exploring their relationship with sexuality. You can read more about that specific topic here. If you want to work with a practitioner with a different life experience than me, I am glad to suggest other friends and colleagues!

– Interested in working together? Head to this INTEREST form. Fee info is there.
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– Read what people have to say about working with me: PUBLIC REVIEWS.
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– About me, my life, and learning lineages: here.


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