Free Resources

* You can try out my free practice videos on youtubes.
* I’m a rotating facilitator in the some of free groups listed below.
* Below there are also free videos resources I like – from other practitioners.

IMG_2128Community Practice – I am aiming to start another round of free-live, online offerings in January 2022. Check right here for future developments.


In-Our-White-Bodies Anti-Racism (Embodiment-Somatic) Work Group
Online. Free. We are currently organizing a deep-dive, 3 month series to begin 30 October, 2021. If you are interested to join us more info can be found in this facebook group or by contacting me,

Queer + Ally Meditation – Every Monday.
4:30-5:15pm pacific standard time zone ‘usa’. Free. A small group of us do meditation sits and body scans and/or other sorts of body-and-awareness explorations. Some of us are buddhist, some are not. A lot of us identify as queer, others of us do not. Drop-in welcome. Zoom link, ID 860 25618745 passcode: meditate.
* 7 June – 1 November 2021 – the first monday of each month will be an anti-racism somatic session aimed for/by white-body participants. All are welcome. Contact me if you have questions, and/or if you have interest in facilitating.
Assorted Practice Videos – from a variety of practitioners:
PRACTICE: 5 Senses Exercise – Mr Stevey
PRACTICE: 2 self holding exercises video/article – Peter Levine
PRACTICE: Exploring Sensation-Feelings – Shrirley Turcotte
PRACTICE: Focusing – Six Steps – Eugene Gendlin
PRACTICE: Centering – Prentis Hemphill
PRACTICE: 3 Breath Styles to Try – Aninia Schwan
PRACTICE: Circular Breathing – Alana Parekh + Chris Christian
PRACTICE: TRE detailed proposals – David Berceli
PRACTICE: Simple Shaking Methods– Deepika Sheleff
PRACTICE: Mobility Games – Kaizo or with Hannah Kearney
PRACTICE: Weekly Service – integration of styles (tithing encouraged) – Gumbs + Sangodare

Assorted Reading-Watching-Listening Resources:
Michael Yellow Bird – this interview talks about Turtle Island colonization, generational trauma, indigenous forms of mindful practice.
Teresa Naseba Marsh – this page talks about Levine’s pendulation.
Robert Sapolsky – this article talks about some neurobiological aspects that ignite us/them thinking, and some practices to reduce othering.
Catherine Kerr – this video talks about how mindful-and-body-based practices help quiet down self trash-talk thinking from a neuroscience perspective.
Susana Martinez-Conde (min 22:00) – this bit of this interview speaks about making decisions by talking with multiple parts of oneself.
Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures – this article speaks about understanding multiple selves within oneself.
Prentis Hemphill – one of my all time favorite practitioners – podcast
Robin Wall Kimmerer – this video is about listening to and learning from plants and learning to listen to other-than-human teachers, and how these practices relate with human induced climate changes.
Staci Haines – this interview talks about sexual abuse, transformative justice, and body-based-mindful healing.

Anti-Oppression Actions
(Some of) What We Can Do For white people, these are some tools to help foster a nourishing practice in relation to wealth disparity, land rematriation, and racism.

For everyone, this is a list of free online group resources, not led by me. I have not been to all of these groups myself.

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