Free Resources

* You can try out my free practice videos on youtube.
* I’m a rotating facilitator in the some of free groups listed below.
* Below are free videos resources i like – from other practitioners/people.

Queer + Ally Meditation – Every Monday.
It runs from 4:15-5:00pm pacific standard time zone ‘usa’. On zoom, free. “Open to anyone working towards liberation”. A small group of us do meditation sits and body scans and/or other sorts of body-and-awareness explorations. Sitting is our main practice each week. Some of us are buddhist, some are not.
For anyone interested and not quite sure if YOU are INVITED. A lot of us in the group identify as queer, others of us do not. All of us love queer peoples big time. Quite often, our practices are dedicated to relation with plant, animal and other-than-human friends. (If you attend fairly regularly and want to be a rotating facilitator, ask us about it at the end of meditation time.) zoom link.

In-Our-White-Bodies Anti-Racism (Embodiment-Somatic) Work Group
This group happens once monthly – on the THIRD MONDAY of every MONTH. It runs from 9:00 – 10:15am in pacific standard time zone ‘usa.’ On zoom. It’s free. If you are interested to join us, more info can be found in this facebook group. We don’t like fb either; Alas, we do not currently have the energy to do email notifications.

Community Practice Support Pod – This is a free group. I facilitate it, guiding a variety of mindful + body-based exercises. We meet once a week – Thursdays at ‘usa’ pacific time zone of 2:00pm-3:15pm. It’s a place to get free somatic support.
Group guidelines/FAQ here.
This is a list of other free, online group resources (I have not been to all of these).

Assorted Practice Videos:
PRACTICE: 5 Senses Exercise – Mr Stevey
PRACTICE: 2 self holding exercises video/article – Peter Levine
PRACTICE: Exploring Sensation-Feelings – Shrirley Turcotte
PRACTICE: Focusing – Six Steps – Eugene Gendlin
PRACTICE: Centering – Prentis Hemphill
PRACTICE: 3 Breath Styles to Try – Aninia Schwan
PRACTICE: Circular Breathing – Alana Parekh + Chris Christian
PRACTICE: TRE detailed proposals – David Berceli
PRACTICE: Simple Shaking Methods– Deepika Sheleff
PRACTICE: Mobility Games – Kaizo or with Hannah Kearney
PRACTICE: Weekly Service – integration of styles (tithing encouraged) – Gumbs + Sangodare

A Few, Assorted Reading-Watching-Listening Resources:
Michael Yellow Bird – this interview talks about Turtle Island colonization, generational trauma, indigenous forms of mindful practice.
Teresa Naseba Marsh – this page talks about Levine’s pendulation.
Robert Sapolsky – this article talks about some neurobiological aspects that ignite us/them thinking, and some practices to reduce othering.
Catherine Kerr – this video talks about how mindful-and-body-based practices help quiet down self trash-talk thinking from a neuroscience perspective.
Susana Martinez-Conde (min 22:00) – this bit of this interview speaks about making decisions by talking with multiple parts of oneself.
Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures – this article speaks about understanding multiple selves within oneself.
Prentis Hemphill – one of my all time favorite practitioners – podcast
Robin Wall Kimmerer – this video is about listening to and learning from plants and learning to listen to other-than-human teachers, and how these practices relate with human induced climate changes.
Staci Haines – this interview talks about sexual abuse and body-based-mindful healing.


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