How Beautiful to be Limited, a Piece of the Greater Universe.

Learning to listen to the implicit, to intuitive wisdom, can bring such vitality. And we can let our intellect and intuation unfold, together, in slow conversation. We can continually remind ourselves that our intuitive and intellectual wisdom is just a piece of a greater all. As such, our deepest feeling truths are maaaaaybe just glimpses, just a tiny portion, of the greater cosmos. If we *could* see more, if our perspective were broader, then the meaning of our truest true might shift. It is a soft and subtle thing to *learn to listen* and *trust oneself* while simultaneously *holding space for our daily not-all-knowingness*. Carlo Rovelli – “…if we had kept to [our immediate intuitions] we would still believe that the Earth is flat and that it is orbited by the Sun. Our intuitions have developed on the basis of our limited experience.” How beautiful to be a limited human, held within a greater cosmos of unknown size and wisdom….

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