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An [Embodiment-Bodymind-Sensing-Soulful-Emotional Intelligence-Conscious-Mindful-Awareness-Relational-Somatic-Mindbody…] Practitioner’s Guide to Science Research.
over the coming months i will be slowly releasing this guide in segments, for free.

you can get your own bundled pdf version, here. contributing $ supports this project getting completed. if you have $ access, do support! if you don’t, do spread the word!

This is a pdf-book for practitioners who want to offer their audience science research related to their work. This Notes Edition is an early draft of an ongoing project.

In this guide you will be provided with basic terminology and techniques needed to find and discern between various science publications. This guide provides you with a reliability checklist and explores five examples of science research related to bodymind practices. Together, these terms and tools can help you add rigor to your own research. This guide is not about telling you which science you should learn or teach. Rather, it’s about learning to find solid information to fit your interests.

What others have to say about this guide:

“This guide helps us examine our bias, as well as our insecurities. It also helps with the basics on how to do research and find information you’re looking for that feels trustworthy to you and helpful to others.”

“I have never seen anything like this outside methodology classes that I had in undergrad and graduate school. I think it does fill an unmet need to take the ‘privilege’ out of science.

“I loved the sensory exercises! I didn’t expect that… I never considered the way I feel about scientific research, what makes me feel good and safe/grounded in certain publications, how I might feel considering having a scientist in the room,etc.”

“A wonderful guide to a thinking process outside the norm of what is considered accurate thinking, and extremely accurate nonetheless.”

“I most definitely got more information that I thought I would.”
“Better than my expectations”

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