For those interested in integrating science research with their work, this guide is a unique support. It is written with somatic practitioners in mind but likely to be useful in all sorts of contexts.

In the words of readers,
“I have never seen anything like this outside methodology classes… I think it does fill an unmet need to take the ‘privilege’ out of science.

“I loved the sensory exercises! I didn’t expect that… I never considered the way I feel about scientific research…”

FREE links are below. Contact me for a compiled PDF of an older version.
Neuroscientist Annika Lübbert has consulted on this project.
Many thanks to beta co-pilot readers, who supported with their insightful feedback: Beth Pace, Matilde Magro, Stephanie Hanna, River Drosera, K Laspruce, Florian Filtzinger, Amy Seiffert, Amanda Erin

Why This Project
Author’s Note
What IS Science, Anyways?
Scientific Methods + More
On Scientific Consensus
Science Culture + the Recent Past
The Past in the Present
Scientific Self Reflection
That Which is Not Studied by Science
STEM, Other Systems of Research, + Language of Superiority
So, What is Science?

Types of Experiment Groups
Study Size
Research Subjects
coming, eventually. ..

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