somatic sexuality practice

I have certification as a Sexological Bodyworker. Some people who see me are interested in exploring their relationship with sexuality – some people are wanting to do healing work from past-difficult sexual experiences; some people grew up learning to repress their sexuality in some way and are hoping to un-learn some of that; some people simply want to learn more about themselves. 

The aim of this work is to help you feel more – emotions-sensations-thoughts, and to integrate your mind-body experience. Sometimes this work is exactly the same as general somatic work. For example, you might mindfully attend to how your chest is feeling during a guided practice. This work can be expanded – sometimes calling for a guided meditation and body scans during arousal states, or otherwise investigating mindful in relation to some aspect of sexuality.

You can read the link above to learn more. If you have further questions, do write me.
At the moment I am not working with cis men – but I am always happy to suggest wonderful colleagues.

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