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“It is Qi Gong meets Theater of the Oppressed meets mindfulness meditation meets improvisation meets whole body permission for it to be whatever you want and need it to be.”

“All of the exercises made me think about the different kinds of energy we receive from other people, from daily situations, from our own thoughts. Often I do not make myself conscious of these things but they still guide my body’s experience and effect my thinking.”

“These exercises can be helpful to sensitize ourselves and use our bodies to respond truthfully…I really thought every part of this class was wonderful.”

“This class was fun! I t made me more aware of my body and also taught me how I can explore and transform my experience or certain body parts. It engaged me in the movement and potential transformations of energy and organs…I found myself feeling like I was in a big rhythmic organism.”

“I took a step, literally, out of my comfort zone, but in a very good way…Somehow a lot of tension I felt before simply disappeared…I haven’t felt this connected to other human being in awhile.”

“The exercise…really allowed for me to push my senses and use them in ways that I don’t rely on in my daily life.”

“…geared first towards body awareness, noticing the places where movement and/or tension originates and then toward playing with the default settings of general daily life embodiment to see where else we can come from. I was interested to realize early on that my usual walk sends heavy impact into the place I am most consistently sore. That adjusting my walk changed it into a more spread out impact situation…encouraging us to branch out of our usual modes and feel more things.”

“Excellent, creatively embodied, motivating instructions. It felt good to be silly and let go.”

“Very opening practice – directions where very clear with enough space to interpret how one may feel.”

“I have not done many movement classes, ever. So this was a new experience entirely. It was ground breaking. I felt a little nervous at first, but soon gave in to the release…your guidance was both useful and inspiring in the art of spontaneous movement; I appreciated both the inward and outward interactions you guided us through.”

“One struggle I have is my shyness and letting go and moving in new creative ways in front of others. But this class was very disarming and it was easy to get over my hesitation/insecurity.”

“I loved the observation/partner activities…Thank you for the deep connectedness you brought to our bodies and to each other.”

“Erin’s presence helped me feel to open and relaxed. She is very welcoming and encouraging, especially when it comes to finding authenticity within ourselves. Her exercises were enjoyably low-stakes. I loved interacting in the partner exercises, because Erin’s guidance was specific enough for me to feel safe and vulnerable. “Contact improv” doesn’t really appeal to me so fortunately, Erin’s workshop was a clear container for interaction. She is a wonderful guide in connecting with body and voice, and dipping in to the more vulnerable, tucked away ideas and bringing them into my consciousness and exposing them to the light!”

“…an exploration of our bodies, mind, space, all of it. An opportunity to see what’s in our bodies, observe, play with it…I love when my body surprises me and felt encouraged to let go so that could take place.”







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