Somatic Lessons from Plants + Animals. 15

there are a myriad of ways to talk about how “we are all related”. and, too – visual learner that i am – it blows my little human mind to see us together on this same, interactive family tree.

too, there are so many horrendous ways that people have been likened to animals to foster eugenic-racist agendas. and the presence of grave harm being done via racism and ableism is still very much here, present. one, among countless, injuries that such oppression causes, is that it fosters the human-induced-sever between us-people and all of our nature-kin.

i think about these two realities and usually do not find words to use, to hold them both, to speak about them both. when i see us on this family tree i am reminded that this sever and these harms are also related, of the same piece, not separate injuries.


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