Somatic Lessons from Plants + Animals. 5

Making a life of layin low.In the culture I was raised in I was taught to overcome being shy, being introverted. I was taught that I shouldn’t try to blend in, but rather stand out.When I ran into this friend in the garden, mmm. Making a whole life outta laying low. What a lush lifeContinue reading “Somatic Lessons from Plants + Animals. 5”

Somatic Lessons from Plants + Animals. 3

when you light up cuz you’re working with the right friends.–“Aliivibrio fischeri is a bioluminescent bacterium that lives as a symbiont in the light-producing organ of squid and certain fish. When freeliving, the bacteria… do not give off light…” However, when working with a friend, “each cell is induced to produce the enzyme luciferase, whichContinue reading “Somatic Lessons from Plants + Animals. 3”

Somatic Lessons from Plants + Animals. 2

i started eating this plant recently and happened upon this cool video yesterday. storksbill’s extreme corkscrew styles are something. whew. watching + remembering, reflecting – in relation to what weather, or what noises, in relation to what people, after which sorts of meals, to help soften which muscles, when do i coil myself up, safe,Continue reading “Somatic Lessons from Plants + Animals. 2”